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It is not uncommon to experience stains, general dirtiness, weeds and other factors leading to the loss of a hardscape’s luster and beauty through the years. Undoubtedly, over time, mother nature will take its toll on the hardscape’s original beauty. 

Being that hardscapes have the ability to be costly, shouldn’t that new investment be maintained on a proactive and regular basis?  Of course it should, and SEK-Surebond has safe, powerful multi-use and specialty cleaners designed specifically for maintaining and restoring hardscape and concrete surfaces. 

Our SEK Surebond cleaners:

  • Complete Hardscape Restoration Product Line

  • Multi-Use & Specialty Cleaners

  • Safe, Powerful & Fast Acting

  • Clean Rinse Technology

  • Prepares Unsealed Surfaces for Sealing

  • Ideal for Hardscape & Concrete Surfaces

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