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"Having known Dan O’Neal for 4 years, and most significantly during a recent project, it is clear that his standards, work ethics, and quality of work are consistently on or above par. He recognizes and adapts well to the needs of a client who places an equal importance on both quality and visuals. An example of this is how he takes constructible details that not only work to the field conditions, but are also aesthetically pleasing. As well, Dan conducts business in a professional and calm manner regardless of how challenging or chaotic the project may be, and his attention to detail, construction knowledge, and organization is exceptional. His proactive approach and creative solutions to problems ultimately saves the owner both time and money by identifying challenges early on and by providing viable alternatives. Dan takes clear ownership of the project in a manner that is both collaborative and with a focus teamwork, which creates a solid foundation for his outstanding ability to effectively communicate with the client in whatever means necessary, be it by RFI, email or simply a phone call. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dan O’Neal.


"I met Dan O'Neal while working on a very challenging project in the San Diego area. The project had a multitude of significant challenges due to the lack of record design documents, previous undocumented renovations and unforeseen field conditions. The project consisted of a multi-million dollar, high profile, fast tracked, multi-phased renovation project with many complexities. The project was complex as it was in an occupied environment, on-site property management, food service equipment coordination issues, unreasonable weather, unforeseen conditions and numerous design changes during construction. Mr. O'Neal organized the project and drafted detailed graphical technical RFI's and collaborated with the entire team, subcontractors, and the On-site asset management. Dan utilized a combination of good old-fashioned common sense, innovative design assist recommendations, scheduling and organization and a "take no prisoner" mentality. Dan utilized contemporary project management tools and coordinated with a wide array of constituents. Despite the aforementioned extraordinary challenges, each phase was met in a safe environment with a high-quality deliverable.


In conclusion, Dan O'Neal is a talented, hard-working and dedicated superintendent and will an asset to any project team. I would recommend Dan and am hopeful that I have th4e opportunity to collaborate with Dan again in the future." 


"My family and I weren't planning on a complete home remodel, but in 2014 we suffered the unfortunate event of our home being flooded by septic water. The sewage touched every wall and base in the home, requiring everything from the kitchen, to the bathrooms, flooring, laundry room, and every internal wall to be removed. Our home was back to the bare bones. Dan O'Neal not only assisted in the design, organization of scheduling, and worked within strict time tables, but also implemented and insured all safety measures were met, every code was met, and everything down to the last detail was complete. He helped my family and I get back into our home after a complete tragedy misplaced us. It was with his desire to help others, experience, knowledge, and expertise, that we were able to get back into our home.

I highly recommend Dan O'Neal for any project. He treats his finished product like his reputation. He doesn't cut corners, he takes pride in his work, and he stands by his skill. There is no one I trust more than Dan to produce the highest quality of work on any design or build."


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